36X PTZ Auto Tracking

PTZ Mini
February 16, 2017
30X PTZ Auto Tracking
February 16, 2017

2.0 megapixel high resolution

HD real-time video



IP66 rating

IR range: up to 100 ft

Night / Day auto switch


At 1080P and 30 FPS, this camera should use 5Mbps of the NVR’s bitrate budget.


Did you know: The processor in an NVR has both an incoming and outgoing bitrate. Incoming is for recording video and outgoing is for watching it remotely. All of our NVRs have at least 5Mbps per channel in incoming bitrate, and many models can have extra bitrate. Your NVR’s spare incoming bitrate is what determines if it can record channels at higher-than-1080P resolution, perform the sophisticated video analytics on our Pro line of video analytic cameras, use specialty panoramic cameras, or many other things.


Guide: What else can I do with Spare Bitrate?


Video Quality is dependent upon two things: image resolution and frames per second. Resolution improves image quality while frame-rate improves video quality by preventing motion blur.


  1. Emma says:

    I am mostly interested in auto tracking option of this camera… Could you please tell me how sensitive it is? Can it track big objects only (a car or a person) or small objects like a dog too?

    • EricLee says:

      It depends on the size of your dog )))) Joking!
      Being serious, Most likely it can track big objects. I doubt it can reacts a mouse or something like that..

  2. Brandon says:

    Guys, based on my experience, at day time such cameras can track even small objects like a cat! During the night time of course it is not so sensitive it performs good enough any way!

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