Commercial Security Cameras

March 9, 2017

Protection by monitoring and surveillance is usually the primary intention of Commercial Security Cameras. Surveillance by CCTV is achieved even from far away. Nowadays you can watch your surveillance videos easily from anywhere. There are advanced apps, not just Internet Explorer that allow you to use your cellphone, laptop, iPad, iPhone or tablet to monitor your house, office and business. New apps have been developed compatible to Android, Mac and Windows that utilize web-browsers like IE, Firefox, and Safari with absolutely no monthly fees.

The utilization of Video Surveillance technology is far-reaching and global. Surveillance for crime prevention, prosecution and solution have become only one of their primary uses and have also been proven to be effective for commercial purposes. The functions of Commercial Security Cameras have become multi-functional, preservative as well as protective. Now governments are using them to prevent traffic jams, fire, and accidents in addition to crime, in either real or open time or a closed system modes. Real time refers to viewing events as they happen. Closed systems refer to watching an event retrospectively. Facial recognition techniques, infrared devices, computer databases for tracking individuals, roving videos, drones and high speed networks that quickly transfer data are being utilized and the apps that run these are continuously being improved.

Commercial Security Cameras use recording equipment that sometimes uses an app that analyzes it for motion – like a motion sensor. For home and small business use, simple systems can be installed which can be invaluable to the owner. Company managers can hold corporate meetings from distant locations, thus simplifying and improving corporate communications. Owners can monitor their shops and businesses from their offices or branches or from a golf course. Big companies like IBM, G.E. and governments and their agencies like the FBI, police forces, the Pentagon, China, Russia, Sweden, the UK, Japan etc. use Security Cameras to track people. It is said that China is monitoring the faces of over 1.3 billion people all over the planet.
Corporate Security Systems can be linked to a central monitoring station for improved day to day tracking and monitoring. There are apps that connect facial recognition to bio-metric data and other data for instant downloading of facts about a person.

Social Networks like Facebook, and Twitter and such use real time cameras to stream and share ongoing news, sports events and other information. By using data mined from social networks, government and businesses can create a database containing information about the individual and backups, email alerts and other software. All these have become possible with the Commercial Security Camera and are now being considered as indispensable and necessary in most online activities.

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